When it comes to having a home inspection done, often times many questions arise regarding the entire process.   We’ve put together some the most frequently asked questions that are presented to use as they pertain to wind mitigation and four point inspections.  Please take a moment to look through below.  As always, we are available to answer any other questions your may have that aren’t covered. 

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Wind Mitigation Inspection
 Q: What will you be looking for at the inspection?
A: we will need access to the attic to identify the Roof to Wall connections which is the connection from the roof trusses to the wall. We will identify the nails that hold your plywood to your roof trusses. We will identify the peel and stick secondary water barrier. We will identify all opening protection ie shutters and door openings. We will gather the re roof information from the local building department. 
Q: How much will this cost? 
A: We typically charge $100.00 for the Wind Mitigation Inspection
Q What if I fail
A There is no pass or fail with a wind mitigation. 

Four Point Inspection: 
Q: What will you be lookin at?
A: We will be identifying the Roof – Electrical – Plumbing- and the heating and air conditioning 
Q: is there a pass or fail? What if I fail
A: there is no pass or fail. We are simply identifying the systems and identifying any deficiencies or unsafe conditions. 

Q How much is a retrofit
A Price depends on the how difficult it is to access the roof to wall connections
Q Can you add a 3rd nail to my house
A all homes are different. We may be able to simply a 3rd nail or we may have to install new straps all together. 
Q Will you provide a new wind mitigation showing the upgrades
A Yes – we take progress pictures and provide plenty of pictures of the repaired connections