Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Home Inspections

Servicing the Sarasota, Bradenton areas, we are a Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector as well as is a State Certified General Contractor. Our primary focus if giving you the peace of mind knowing our inspections are done thoroughly and will cover all points of the home ensuring against any wind or water entry damages.

Wind Mitigation or what does wind mitigation mean?

The process of having a wind mitigation inspection is fairly easy. It essentially it is the the process of whereby our inspectors examine a home’s ability and features to help it withstand damaging winds during storms. Every homeowner should have this done. It can involve a look at the roof and a tour of the attic. Such details as the age of the roof, whether there are hurricane straps or tie-downs, and whether the property has impact resistant doors and windows.

Florida’s hurricane season starts June 1st through November 30th, as you can expect there to be a few storms producing heavy rains and strong winds which can pose a severe threat to homes that aren’t properly secure. Water can enter through poorly sealed windows and doors, through gaps, or vents etc. If not secure, it’s very common for roofs to experience a great amount of damage. How much more peace of mind would you have knowing we’ve completed a thorough wind mitigation and 4 point inspection on your home, and helped you to identify areas vulnerable to wind and/or water damage? At which point you would have been able to make immediate prioritization arrangements to have repairs or replacements done. As a homeowner, imagine the extensive amount of property damages which would be avoided as a result of your proactive efforts.

With wind mitigation inspections, Sarasota homeowners can depend on a company that will help them with any inspection project from start to finish. It is a one-stop shop for every step of the process, which cuts down on the time and money spent on hiring multiple people.

How much does a wind mitigation inspection cost?
Our Sarasota and Bradenton wind mitigation inspections cost $150.

What are other benefits of having a wind mitigation inspection done?

Besides identifying potential risks with the property for wind or water damages, a home owner can expect to have their insurance coverage premiums to be reduced with the inspection and completion of the recommendations in our inspection reports.

What to expect during your home inspection?

During your windstorm inspection, we will perform a comprehensive inspection of the home and document any qualifying wind mitigation features, such as:

  • Home’s construction materials and its basic structure

  • Materials the roof is made of, its condition and does it have tie-downs / retro-fits

  • Exterior and garage doors, windows and skylights

  • Wall construction

  • Hurricane panels/shutters

  • Attic interior (roof-to-wall attachment, roof-deck attachment, secondary water barrier)

Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a copy of the inspection report. At which point you can make available the report to your insurance agent to pursue a policy premium discount.


This is an inspections that take a look at major home systems.

Roof: Type of covering, estimated age and condition, and any visible defects

Plumbing: Type of supply and drain lines, estimated age and hot water heater brand and
overall condition or whether there is evidence of leaks.

HVAC: Type of system, condition and estimated age, and any visible defects

Electrical System: Type of wiring, main panel brand, and overall condition of system

Insurance companies are keen on knowing the overall age of a home, whether the systems in the home are fully functional, are being well-maintained and in good working order. Hence, they tend to like to have a Four Point Inspection done.

How much does a 4 Point home inspections for Sarasota / Bradenton cost?
Just $200.

Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspection Combo cost: $250.

Our home inspection coverage area includes Manatee County, Sarasota, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey Englewood, North Port, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, Parrish, Longboat Key and Siesta Key.  We are also open to other areas across Florida.

If you’re ready to book your appointment call us at 941-587-9430 or type in wind mitigation inspector near me or 4 point home inspector near me in your browser search. You’ll see Owens Property Inspections, LLC. We’d be happy to assist to you with your inspection needs.